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Looking for a good investment opportunity in the Fethiye area? Check out 12 reasons to invest in Fethiye-Turkey!

1. Fethiye is a Turkish riviera

Fethiye is a hidden gem on Turkey’s southwestern Turquoise Coast. It attracts visitors from all over the world for its famous Oludeniz Blue Lagoon, paragliding, and variety of sightseeing tours. Fethiye is also a yachting paradise.

2. Affordable cost of living

Not only foreigners are buying property in Fethiye, also many locals from big cities. Istanbul, for example, is more expensive to live. Foreigners buying property here usually retired and living on pension – enjoying a middle-class lifestyle thanks to an excellent exchange rate between the Turkish lira. That applies to the other currencies like the Euro and American dollar.

3. Pleasant weather condition

Despite being boiling for a few summer months, rest of the year offers beautiful weather. You can read more about weather in Fethiye – Fethiye in Winter: 10 Amazing Things To Enjoy!

4. Easy to buy property

Property purchase procedure for foreigners is straightforward. Read more – Buying property in Turkey for foreigners.

5. Great choice of neighbourhoods

Fethiye has most popular neighbourhoods:

  • Calis (Çalış);
  • Oludeniz;
  • Hisaronu;
  • Ovacik;
  • Tasyaka (Taşyaka).

More and more outbound areas are developing in rapid speed:

  • Uzumlu (Yeşilüzümlü) – area with great potential;
  • Catalarik (Çatalarık).

6. Easy to sell property

More and more new-built properties are coming to the market every year, but established buildings are in great demand because of their location.

7. Large real estate portfolio

As mentioned in the previous point, more new real estate objects are coming into the market. Every year new properties are available for rent and sale.

8. Great rental potential

Many clients buy a property to rent it out. That is a common practice. Our company Anga Real Estate will help to choose the best property and will offer a rental service of your property.

9. Turkish residency and citizenship

The government gives you a residency permit for purchasing property. If you are planning to buy more than $250,000, you can apply for citizenship.

10. Transport network

Fethiye has good transport infrastructure within the city itself and it is possible to get access to all other big cities as well. It also possible to visit Greek islands too if we want, ferry boats will take us there. It is common to have 1-day trip to Rhodes island and same day return.

11. Big ex-pat community

For many years Fethiye was the major destination for ex-pats from all over the world, mainly english-speaking countries. Well-developed ex-pat community offers different activities and events, for example, Christmas Fair, Charity events, local meetings, etc.

12. Relaxed atmosphere

Fethiye is quiet in comparison with big cities like Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir. Buying property here is making sure you live in a relaxed atmosphere.

Our major goal is to leave our customers satisfied, taking care of the moment we meet till we hand the new home keys, and even after that if there would rise any situation to take care of.

You want to buy a property in Fethiye, but don’t know what are major attractions? Here is a list of things to do in Fethiye and it adds to the reasons to invest in Fethiye, because Fethiye is a stunning place to live.

Things to do in Fethiye-Turkey?

Stunning Fethiye introduction video!

Oludeniz Blue Lagoon

Firstly, Ölüdeniz means the Dead Sea, and it is a little bay where water is still and perfectly suitable for family holidaymakers. Secondly, crystal clear water and scenery are the main attraction points for tourists from around the world. Thirdly, blue Lagoon rated among the top 5 most beautiful beaches in the world. The season lasts from May till October.



Paragliding plays an important role in the Fethiye tourism industry. Perfect conditions for flying bring paragliders from around the world. Fly yourself or with an experienced instructor. There are few places in the world where you see so many gliders in the air at the same time. You will fly from the famous Babadag mountain, which highest point is 1986 meters above the sea level.

paragliding oludeniz

Boat Trips

You will miss out a lot if you skip a boat trip day tour. Two types of tour available – 6 and 12 island tours. 6 island tour starting point is Oludeniz Beach, you will have six stops:

  • Blue Cave
  • Camel Beach
  • Butterfly Valley
  • Coldwater spring
  • St. Nicholas Island
  • Aquarium Bay

Twelve Island tour cruise around Fethiye Bay with 12 stops in following places:

  • Yassıcalar (Flat Island)
  • Tersane Adası (Shipyard Island)
  • Akvaryum Koyu (Aquarium Bay)
  • Cennet Koyu (Paradise Bay)
  • Kleopatra Hamamı (Cleopatra’s Bath)
  • Kızılada (Red Island)

boat trip oludeniz

Skywalk Fethiye Cable Car Project

A new adventure is opening soon. This is a novel experience for things to do in Fethiye-Turkey. For the past couple of years, there has been massive construction work in progress to operate cable cars. Cable car is an environmentally friendly type of transport from Babadağ mountain, where national and international sport, art, and music events will take place. There will be a new rising star in Turkey. At the moment, you can go up and enjoy stunning views while eating in the restaurant. 

For more information visit their website

Kaya Village (Kayaköy) – Ghost Town

A Turkish ghost town abandoned in a population exchange with Greece in 1920. Today Kayaköy village serves as a museum and is a historical monument. Also, you can have unique holidays, because there are many boutique hotels and luxury villas for rent.

Luxury 2+1 Villa Ideal for Honeymoon Kayakoy-Fethiye

Stunning 1+1 Villa Quiet Area Kayakoy-Fethiye

1+1 Villa For Honeymoon Makers Kayakoy-Fethiye

kaya koy

Butterfly Valley

Butterfly valley is a home for a variety of butterfly species. Valley is surrounded by cliffs and the only way to get there is by boat. Thankfully, there are daily boat trips that bring you there, or you can rent a private boat. However, don’t expect to see butterflies in the middle of the summer, their season start in autumn.

Lycian Way

The Lycian Way is a 540 km, 29-day track way-marked footpath around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey, from Fethiye to Antalya. Trekking is best in spring or autumn – summer in Lycia is too hot for long trekking.

Calis Beach (Çalış)

Another available beachside in Fethiye. Pebbles cover Oludeniz beach, but Calis beach is sandy, and it is the longest beach in Fethiye. If you want to rest from the heat, there is always wind, and that is why Calis beach is famous for windsurfing. It is a busy area even in the winter, close to all amenities. Much ex-pats are living there. The beauty of buying a property here –  you are so close to the sea. A favorite area for many living ex-pats here.

calis beach

Big Recreational Park (Şehit Fethi Bey Parkı)

One of the greatest assets of the Fethiye area is a huge recreational park opened in 2018. The total park size is 68 thousand square meters.

  • 800m treadmill
  • 650m Beach Road
  • 800m bike path
  • 5000m2 children’s playground
  • navigational terraces
  • wind and watermills
  • 126 plant species
  • biological natural ponds
  • open-air libraries, basketball court, toilet, fitness stations

There is also a Turkish Garden, a Mediterranean garden with plants grown from the Mediterranean region, olive trees over 100 years old, sun lounger, a tulumba playground, and bougainvillea umbrellas are also included in the park.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Saklikent National Park (Saklıkent – Hidden city)

Saklikent Canyon, discovered by chance recently by a shepherd, is approximately 15 kilometers long and is very close to Fethiye district of Muğla. The canyon is 300 m deep and 18 km long, being one of the deepest canyons in the world.

The canyon, which had been hiding for years, was noticed when a shepherd went after the fleeing sheep. Not known if it is true, but taking a holiday in this heavenly region will allow you to experience different emotions.

Saklikent fethiye

Water Park

There are several water parks in Fethiye.

Sultans Aqua city

Water World Aquapark

There is one more aqua park opening soon – Orka World Theme Park.

The family will enjoy exciting and fun activities. Theme park resembles a fairy tale where all the designs made with the thought of the magic world. Slow rivers, the fastest slides, a pool with sunbeds, cafe, bars, and shops will be at your service all day long.

On the other side, what about nights? Well, some nights of the week promise to bring smoke and light shows, adult animations, and professional dance groups.

Don’t forget to include it on your to-do list!

Fethiye (Amyntas) Rock Tombs

An ancient Greek rock-hewn tomb at ancient Telmessos, in Lycia – district of Fethiye in Muğla Province, in the Aegean region of Turkey.

The tombs were built in 350 B.C. for “Amyntas, son of Hermagios”. As the legend says these tombs were built into the side of a mountain so that ancient angels could reach the dead.

A place to visit!

rock tombs fethiye

In conclusion, if you decide to invest in Fethiye or move permanently, consider our property sales & rental services.

Well, that is all we wanted to share with you this time, regards reasons to invest in Fethiye-Turkey. See you next time in the following posts!