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Property inspection tours are an important part of buying property anywhere in the world. We will discuss all the steps we do as a Anga Real Estate company.

Actions before signing the  purchase and sale contract

  • Determination of the purchase purpose
  • Desired property parameters
  • Selection of real estate options
  • Property inspection tours and a final decision

First step: Defining the purpose of buying and real estate parameters.

The first thing and one of the most important actions in buying a property is to discuss the purpose of the purchase and agree on the parameters of the property, based on your initial wishes and requirements. Those who want to buy a house in Turkey initially do not focus on the options that are really the best for them.

property inspection tours

The correct definition of the purpose of purchase and the main requirements for future housing will help you initially save time, at subsequent stages it is reasonable to determine and plan the budget that will be allocated for this purchase and boldly make the final and correct decision regarding the purchased housing.

Second step: Remote acquaintance with the area and the local real estate market. Preliminary selection of real estate options.

Defining the purpose of your purchase will help us move forward in a more clear direction to achieve the desired result. We move on and start individual selection of suitable real estate options from our catalog, study the local market, identifying new options and send them to you for viewing.

In fact, we provide this information to you as an introduction to the local real estate market because “everything flows and everything changes” – we sell every day something, new projects and options for secondary housing appear. All information will be reviewed again on the day of your arrival in Fethiye.

Third step: Inspection tour and decision making

The viewing tour is an on-site introduction not only to the real estate market but also to the characteristics of the area, the standard of living, customs and culture of the local population, historical features, sights and development of the city of Fethiye. A unified picture of all the factors inseparable from each other will help you make the right impression and subsequently play a significant role in achieving results. One of the main and difficult tasks falls to our lot-taking into account the individual characteristics of each client, in a short time to raise all the information available, consistent, and up-to-date. So that everything is clear, and the client is ready to make a final decision.

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3-day Property Viewing Tour Summary

Day 1

Meeting at the airport, transfer, accommodation. Viewing Tour of Fethiye, exploring the features of the areas (Fethiye Peninsula, Central Harbor, Calis and Oludeniz/Blue Lagoon, etc.). Analysis of the real estate market by area (development trends, price analysis), general inspection of objects. Determination of a specific area or area for further detailed search of the property of interest.

Day 2

Inspection of properties within a certain area of Fethiye, selection of real estate. If the object is at the design or construction stage, individual preferences for design and layout, built-in furniture, kitchen, color of ceramics, marble, etc. discussed. If the object requires repair, we make together a list with the Buyer, about the required work, etc.

Day 3

Signing contract. The payment of the Deposit. Power of attorney (optional). Getting a tax number and opening a bank account. Transfer to the airport.

If you need help to organize your trip to Fethiye, please contact us. We will select and help you book flights for you, offer hotel options and reserve rooms, apartments or villas.

Property Inspection Tours-Buyer’s Help

The major goals of buying real estate can be:

  • permanent residence
  • vacation, renting
  • investment, etc.

Housing parameters and local priorities will help you determine: your marital status, how many people are in your family, whether you have:

  • young children
  • your age
  • health status
  • lifestyle, etc.

The main desired characteristics of real estate: type of object (apartment, villa, town house, etc.), square footage (area of closed premises, land), number of rooms, bathrooms, etc. infrastructure of the complex, location, etc.

buying property in turkey

All of us behave differently in different situations of life, especially if we have to make one of the important decisions such as buying a home abroad. Someone decides quickly, trusting the name of the company or relying on the experience and recommendations of friends and acquaintances, someone needs to come several times and make sure that this is what will make him happy, someone likes to take risks, remotely concluding a contract, without really seeing the “subject of the contract” and the area.

Our key principle at this stage is to guide You correctly. We will never advise You what You do not need or may cause trouble by pursuing your interests. It is important for us that You are interested, that you want to live in “this place” or come here again and again, meeting us with a happy smile and thanking for taking care of You and your Home.