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Fethiye weather in winter

We used to mention Fethiye mainly as a holiday destination, forgetting that Fethiye in winter is also beautiful and deserves to be on the travel list all year around.

Before discussing further, I want to show what Fethiye is with all of its suburbs.

fethiye turkey map

As we all know Fethiye gets boiling in the summer, specially in July and August, where temperature gets up to 40° Celsius in shade. Fethiye in the winter get pleasantly warm averaging 16°-17° daytime and 6°-7° at night in the coldest months (December, January, February).

Fethiye in winter is warm, but there are nights where some parts of Fethiye (Ovacik and Hisaronu) get even minus degrees, but overall it gets warmer in daytime.

Oh, yes, also we get quite a lot of rain, but not like for several days in the row. It rains, then we have sunshine.

Fethiye is closer to Sea level, so it doesn’t get in minus, but nearest Fethiye suburb Oludeniz (Ovacik and Hisaronu) gets all the chills usually.

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What to do in Fethiye wintertime?

There is another list about things to do in Fethiye. I will not duplicate this list, I offer you different things to do and places to visit!

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1. Paragliding

Yes, there is a paragliding even in the winter when the weather is suitable. Although, top of the Babadag mountain is closed because of snow, you can fly from lower levels. Flight might be not that long, but still spectacular. How to find open offices? Go down directly to the Oludeniz beach and you always will find someone who can take you flying. Don’t forget taking warmer clothes and comfy shoes with you – it will be chilly!

Fethie in winter paragliding

2. Got to the Beach!

Without beaches, Fethiye in winter wouldn’t be so amazing! There are two beaches in Fethiye – Oludeniz beach (‘Dead See’) and Çalış beach (Calis beach). In the season, holidaymakers pack the beaches. Winter time it can bless you with emptiness. Imagine, no sun loungers lying around, no crowd. Just you and waves.

Calis Beach

Calis Beach is on the other side. Windier, but longer strip. Calis area in winter is more lively, where many expats found their homes and enjoy peaceful living. Almost everything is open, except tourist shops, some restaurants and bars. Some bars on the strip are open just on weekends. Otherwise, it is a busy place in winter.

Oludeniz Beach

Oludeniz beach is stunning in the winter, busy on weekends. Some cafes are open in the winter. People are sunbathing, enjoying the walk through the promenade or having a Turkish tea! No stress, just chill! Free from summer humidity, Oludeniz Beach offers stunning sunsets. It is so clear that you can even see Rhodes Island in distance! Definitely a must-do!

Oludeniz beach in winter
Oludeniz Beach in Winter

3. Fethiye Harbour

Jump in the car and get to the Fethiye harbour. There is a nice strip with restaurants and bars along the harbour. From there you can end up in famous Sehit Fethi Bey park. It is a huge adventure park!

Fethie big park
Fethi Bey Park, Fethiye
Fethi Bey park
Fethi Bey Park, Fethiye

4. Babadag mountain

It will surprise you, but we have snow in mountains. Yes, you can sunbath on the beach, but after 40 minutes end up in the snow!  Fascinating scenery when walking down the Fethiye harbour and looking to the snowy mountain. Locals also visits tiny village Nif close to Fethiye to see the snow and build a snowman or arrange snowball fight.

At the moment, extensive construction work is happening – cable car opening soon.

5. Trekking

Fethiye is a part of the famous Lycian Way. It is a 535km coastal walk from Fethiye to Antalya. You don’t have to walk all the Lycian Way, there are several 1-day routes available. If you don’t want to walk much dolmuş (public minibus) can take you to the Kayakoy – abandoned village in a population exchange with Greece in 1923. Amazing scenery and historical artifacts. Or choose between one-way routes:

  • Kayakoy-Oludeniz
  • Fethiye-Kayakoy
  • Faralya-Kirme.
  • Faralya-Kabak.
Fethiye in winter
View from Likya way. Photo by Sedge Seckin.

Whichever route you take, you won’t regret. It is very popular to organize trekking groups on weekends. People choose a date, time and meeting point to start their walk. And, it could be just a few hours of walk, not necessarily all day adventure.

Kayakoy – Ghost town. Photo by Sedge Seckin.

6. Roman Theatre (Fethiye center)

Visit the ancient Telmessos Theatre in Fethiye, Mugla – amazing example of a roman amphitheatre. Made during the Roman period, 2nd century BC. Telmessos, the oldest theatre near the sea in Turkey, which underwent repairs in the century and was an arena during the Byzantine period. Work is being carried out to restore the seating and stage sections of the structure by the Fethiye Archaeological Museum in 1993.

7. Visit Patara

You can visit Patara, which is not far away from Fethiye. The ancient city of Patara is at the southwestern end of the Xanthos Valley between Fethiye and Kalkan and is one of the most important and oldest cities in Lycia.  Also, Patara is famous for its 18 kilometres long sandy beach.  Mediterranean sea turtles caretta-caretta leave the eggs on this beach, and also, there is a turtle hospital which you can visit.

8. Fethiye Museum (Muğla Fethiye Müzesi)

Despite being small, it is full of artifacts. Fethiye Museum comprises two halls, one for archaeology and one for ethnography. Most of the works exhibited in these two halls were compiled from Fethiye and its surroundings. A large part of the artifacts exhibited in the archaeology department are ceramic group artefacts. The works in the hall are subject to a certain chronological order within themselves. Open every day from 8.30-17.30.

9. Hunting

Go hunting! Fethiye is natural forested, mountainous terrain with magnificent rural landscapes free from habitation allowing wild boar and bezoar (wild goat) to roam the land freely.

10. Fishing

Last but not least – fishing in Fethiye! Popular hobby for many locals here. You can go fishing pretty much everywhere (Oludeniz or Fethiye harbour), or go on a organized fishing trip. Seabass, gilt head bream, crane fish, black goby, large tunny just to name a few.

Be careful not to catch poisonous pufferfish!

Fethiye in winter is an amazing place for sure. Definitely worth to visit.

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